Dancing Friday…

Yay!!! \😄/! It’s Friday. Put on your dancing shoes, your high heels, boots, dress shoes, comfy shoes, or bare feet and dance your way through the day. You have one more day of work and then a weekend of freedom. Do something fun. Go dancing, meet people, have a date, plan a sexy fun evening for you and your spouse without the kiddos (sleep overs are always fun 😜). 

Sir and I have a very busy weekend ahead but I will dance through it and have a blast doing it. We pick up my computer from the “hospital” tonight and we are getting more memory for it, we have a maternity shoot tomorrow morn and head shots for Sir after, and a wedding on Sunday. See busy busy, but we will have time for ourselves even though we will be working straight through! 

Working on my new positive mind set! How am I doing so far? How are you?


The Power of Thoughts…

So last week was absolutely terrible. From the beginning to the end. To put the nuts and toppings on my week my computer decided to just up and stop working. It’s been very hard to not continue to freak out about it. I made a jump decision to buy a replacement as well as a laptop. The replacement sat in the box untouched for a week while my computer was at the store being diagnosed. Because it was taking so long I really was losing hope that it was only the graphics card. Then after talking to my friend about positive thinking I chose once again to try thinking and visualizing positively instead of negatively. I said outloud that the computer would be fixed easily and nothing else was wrong with it. I visualized the store calling me and telling me just that. Within an hour the store called. The only things they added that needed to be fixed was the hard drive fan (it’s cheap so it doesn’t count) and the LCD screen (which doesn’t need to actually be replaced). So everything went just the way I visualized it to go. 

It’s amazing how powerful your thoughts can be. They can tear you down, ruin your day, increase negative energy, and make you feel horrible. If you think the other way though… even though it may be hard or you may feel silly… amazing things can happen. I am going to make an even more conciliatory effort to think positively. Tell myself the positive mantra my twin told me to say, that moving to Seattle with my best friend and Sir will be amazing, and that everyday Sir and I will be able to have time to ourselves. We don’t schedule time for each other enough and we need to. Just try it for a week. Especially if you are having a crummy week to begin with. Change your thoughts and your mindset and find out how powerful they can be. You have to believe what you say though. Have faith! 

Have a wonderful Thursday! The week is almost over.

Crazy Wednesday…

If you have never been here before you should definitely visit! It’s a wonderful place where we sing songs backwards, and dance on our hands, and act all crazy and weird and no one judges! It’s where you go when life is making you so frustrated that you are pulling your hair out and screaming at the top of your lungs just to see nothing happen. Where you are truly going out of your mind that nothing is going right including the way you think. It’s a reprieve. I think my best friend and I are the mayors but your more than welcome to come anytime! We will welcome you gladly. You just have to know our theme song and sing it upon entry. Now… Everyone sing it with me… “They’re coming to take me away ha ha, they’re coming to take me away ho ho, he he, ha ha…”

Happy Wednesday! 

What You Tell Yourself…

I have been told by several people to start repeating a self motivating positive mantra to myself daily. That it will help build me up instead of constantly tearing myself down. From constant years of abuse in many ways this is a hard habit to break. Feeling worthless, or like your constantly being used, or your there for everyone but no one is there for you, is shattering. My self esteem is low… and I am trying to work on it. I have been broken and shattered for so long that I feel like nothing will make it better. I feel silly and stupid for repeating mantras that I don’t believe in. It’s a process though. It takes time. Being around the negativity makes it harder to move on to. I am very negative on myself, it makes me feel horrible to. I am trying to be better though in what I tell myself. I do find a correlation between the two. Not just in everyday life but even in health. 

This is not an easy habit to start, and the negativity is not an easy one to break. 

Fresh New Week, Hello Monday…

Ok so last week was absolutely terrible from really the beginning to the end. I am calling a do over… but in a new week. I am determined to make this week better and even more productive. 

We started the morning off right. We woke up early and got our workout done. Now I need to plan out the rest of my day. There’s a ton to do, always a ton to do, but as long as I have a list and make the most important things first I know I can get it done. Hopefully a lot less stressful! 

Hope everyone starts their Monday off well! New week, new choices, new opportunities! Have a wonderful happy Monday… remember there’s always another Friday. 

Great Minds vs. Dirty Minds…

I have found this to be so true. What’s even better… Finding some one with a great and dirty mind. They are far and few in between, but when you find one… dammit hold on tight! They are keepers! 

The few best friends I have are just like this. I won’t ever let them go. 

Have a wonderful happy Wednesday! 

Start Fresh with Sunday…

It’s the last day, or the first day, of the week depending on how you look at it. Either way it’s a new day! A new day to do something different, something fun, something new. Do it without fear of judgement. Only you live your life, don’t regret not doing something for fear of what others might say or think. Screw them. Dare to be different. To be truly you. You only have one life to live, so don’t spend it worry about what others think of your choices. 

Have a wonderful, blessed, happy Sunday!