Put Your Dancin’ Pants On Its Friday…


Yay!!! \😄/! It’s Friday, and the start to my busy weekend! A wedding today and a wedding tomorrow night! It’s the last weekend for a double wedding for a bit so I just need to push through it!

Everyone who doesn’t have to work this weekend… Celebrate for me! 



Banana’s in Pajama’s…

New Funny Minion Pictures And Quotes:

If you don’t understand the image reference that is ok. I grew up with this show and to this day I still only remember the chorus, which gets stuck in my head for hours sometimes days.

It is rare that I actually feel like this… but after last nights wedding, I am totally down for being completely and utterly lazy today. Alas that is not in my cards today. Instead I am drinking coffee, eating maple and brown sugar steel cut Irish oatmeal, editing a wedding, watching Resident Evil, and waiting for my “sister from another mother” to finally arrive, all while being completely exhausted. I am a trooper!

Hope y’all have a wonderful Saturday!



WOO HOO!!!! It’s Friday! 

We made it through the week! Yay!!! \😄/! Jump up and down…. do your happy dance! Finish off this day with something great to start off the weekend!

Tonight I have a wedding that is probably going to be moved from out doors to indoors due to the weather, and my life long friend is coming into town this evening! I get to spend the day with her tomorrow since my wedding tomorrow got cancelled! It’s going to be a good weekend even though we have things to do and take care of! 

Have a wonderful Friday! 

Monday… COFFEE…


For all you Star Wars and Coffee lovers! 

It’s one of those mornings! After shooting a double wedding this weekend and up at the gym early this morning… I need coffee. 

Star Wars… I might watch that today! Lol.

Have a wonderful Monday, and a fantastic start to your week!

Cozy Saturday…

It’s a beautiful day with a slight chill to the air! We have a wedding this evening that I am sure will be beautiful! Until then… We are going to cozy up with our pups, play Super Smash Brothers, and drink coffee (for me) and hot chocolate (for Sir).

Its a Minion Friday…

We love every day of the week at Vivid Promotions but we find that Friday has that extra spark and creativity in it!:

Yay is Friday! For those of you that get to go home tonight and start your wonderful weekends! For me though today is Sunday. Its going to be a very busy weekend. A wedding on Saturday and on Sunday, edits for both and an edit for an engagement session. Its going to be beautiful and wonderful as they always are! Just very busy!

So for those of you who can celebrate the weekend… have a drink (alcohol or non) for me!