Depression in the wake of Excitement…


Well… we finally made our trip to Seattle to make sure that it was where we wanted to be… long story short, it is.

We had a fabulous time! From the moment we hit Seattle air we were anxious to get off the plane! The first thing I did when we stepped out of the airport, as I followed Sir and our driver, was take a long deep breath. It was one the best moments I have had in a long, long, time. I haven’t been able to truly take a breath, fill my lungs with actual clean air, in years. I could have stood there for ten minutes just breathing, releasing the smog that has poisoned my lungs, releasing the stress of being at home, letting go the friendships I once had. Our future plans were forming right there in that moment, it was finally coming true, and I could not have been more thrilled.

As Sir and I rode in our private car we looked around at everything, not in the touristy sense, but taking in everything that was around us. No matter where we drove there was a view, an absolute stunning view. I have been in Texas for ten years, I haven’t seen the leaves change colors in forever, that alone was nostalgic. Our driver was wonderful, he told us all the great places to visit, and what areas were going to be good places to look for a new home. I have to admit that after traveling all day long it was just really nice to have a car all to ourselves! I am so thankful Sir hired us a private car.

Our hotel was amazing! It was right within walking distance of everything in downtown Seattle. We wanted to stay somewhere nice and modern and the Hotel 5 was the perfect place, the staff was very nice and super helpful! Its the first hotel we have ever stayed at that actually had hardwood floors in the rooms. The only thing I was not thrilled with was that each of us had our own duvet cover instead of one large one to share. Trust me it might sound nice having your won blanket but when its constantly falling off the bed and you want to cuddle in close to your spouse its not that great.

The food was amazing at almost every place we went! There were only 2 times we ate food that was not so great and regretted not sticking to our original dinner plans for those evenings. Otherwise we went to several Italian places which were totally worth the money, a handmade cheese place in Pikes Market which had the best macaroni & cheese I think I have ever had, and some wonderful dives & hole in the walls. Oh! How can I forget the most amazing sushi, Sir and I have never had sushi this large and delicious! That will definitely have to be one of our first stops when we move there!

Besides the food the sites were incredible. Port Orchard was beautiful, but we figured we would be spending more money going across the sound into downtown more than actually saving money. The drive there though was pretty, we crossed a green bridge, that I have now named the emerald bridge, that reminded me of the golden gate bridge. West Seattle was pretty too, much older, but it is being brought up and modernized. The two apartments we looked at over there did have some incredible views if you got up high enough. We found our home & our souls became at peace in North Seattle. The moment we drove into the area we both knew this is where we needed to be. Surround by the suburban homes, next to the sculpture garden, and still within walking distance of Pikes Market. Out of all the places we looked to live I believe that at this time this place has the best view for us. We visited the famous Kerry Park where every tourist has to go to take a wide shot of downtown. I think one of my favorite parts though was Discovery Park. The drive through it was just breathtaking. We didn’t get to explore it as much as we would have liked but it was incredible. We ended that day with a look over the ocean at the Indian Cultural view point.

Seattle is just beautiful regardless of where you look. Sir and I couldn’t have been more at peace. People complain about the rain there, but we loved it, we even loved how everything looked through the rain. Coming home was harder than I thought it was going to be. Things have not been the same since being back in Texas. Our bodies are here but our hearts and souls are awaiting our return to the home we have long desired!

It’s only a short time until we are starting a new adventure with a fresh start!