Finding Inspiration…

This means more to me than I have ever realized. I have had several jobs, several hobbies, done several different things. I have been desperately trying to not only find something I have a passion for but find my true self as well. It’s been taxing and very hard. After being in the military I thought I had found my style. Unfortunately I had not and it took me several years to wake up and realize the country scene was not what I liked or wanted. It was what I had grown accustomed to being stationed in the middle of hickville. 

When I woke up one morning and realized that I had been stuck in a haze it was the most refreshing and awakening feeling ever. I replaced a good deal of our country items with contemporary simple things instead. I began to see everything clearer. Realizing that I had found my passion in photography and writing was fantastic… realizing I needed to find myself was overwhelming. Just as I started piecing parts of me together I find a job contracting for a photography company. It starts out great… until I find myself lost yet again.

Starting our D/s dynamic also has started to clear the fog. I find myself calmer on most occasions. At ease. Again things are becoming clearer. I’m pulling myself out of the heavy fog that has consumed me. I’m finding my style within my passion again. I’m finding myself within my dynamic with Sir. I’m finding the person that has been broken, shattered, torn, ripped apart, stepped and walked over. It hard, painful, and taxing to put the pieces back together. But with the help of a select group of friends and Sir… I am finally finding a way to heal. I am finding the passion not only within my job but within myself. 


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