Dancing Friday…

Yay!!! \😄/! It’s Friday. Put on your dancing shoes, your high heels, boots, dress shoes, comfy shoes, or bare feet and dance your way through the day. You have one more day of work and then a weekend of freedom. Do something fun. Go dancing, meet people, have a date, plan a sexy fun evening for you and your spouse without the kiddos (sleep overs are always fun 😜). 

Sir and I have a very busy weekend ahead but I will dance through it and have a blast doing it. We pick up my computer from the “hospital” tonight and we are getting more memory for it, we have a maternity shoot tomorrow morn and head shots for Sir after, and a wedding on Sunday. See busy busy, but we will have time for ourselves even though we will be working straight through! 

Working on my new positive mind set! How am I doing so far? How are you?


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