The Power of Thoughts…

So last week was absolutely terrible. From the beginning to the end. To put the nuts and toppings on my week my computer decided to just up and stop working. It’s been very hard to not continue to freak out about it. I made a jump decision to buy a replacement as well as a laptop. The replacement sat in the box untouched for a week while my computer was at the store being diagnosed. Because it was taking so long I really was losing hope that it was only the graphics card. Then after talking to my friend about positive thinking I chose once again to try thinking and visualizing positively instead of negatively. I said outloud that the computer would be fixed easily and nothing else was wrong with it. I visualized the store calling me and telling me just that. Within an hour the store called. The only things they added that needed to be fixed was the hard drive fan (it’s cheap so it doesn’t count) and the LCD screen (which doesn’t need to actually be replaced). So everything went just the way I visualized it to go. 

It’s amazing how powerful your thoughts can be. They can tear you down, ruin your day, increase negative energy, and make you feel horrible. If you think the other way though… even though it may be hard or you may feel silly… amazing things can happen. I am going to make an even more conciliatory effort to think positively. Tell myself the positive mantra my twin told me to say, that moving to Seattle with my best friend and Sir will be amazing, and that everyday Sir and I will be able to have time to ourselves. We don’t schedule time for each other enough and we need to. Just try it for a week. Especially if you are having a crummy week to begin with. Change your thoughts and your mindset and find out how powerful they can be. You have to believe what you say though. Have faith! 

Have a wonderful Thursday! The week is almost over.


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