What You Tell Yourself…

I have been told by several people to start repeating a self motivating positive mantra to myself daily. That it will help build me up instead of constantly tearing myself down. From constant years of abuse in many ways this is a hard habit to break. Feeling worthless, or like your constantly being used, or your there for everyone but no one is there for you, is shattering. My self esteem is low… and I am trying to work on it. I have been broken and shattered for so long that I feel like nothing will make it better. I feel silly and stupid for repeating mantras that I don’t believe in. It’s a process though. It takes time. Being around the negativity makes it harder to move on to. I am very negative on myself, it makes me feel horrible to. I am trying to be better though in what I tell myself. I do find a correlation between the two. Not just in everyday life but even in health. 

This is not an easy habit to start, and the negativity is not an easy one to break. 


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