Honesty is the best policy…

I am an honest person. I tell people how it is usually without sugar coating it. Although since starting D/s with Sir there are things I am still learning. Things I normally wouldn’t think I would need to tell him in the past I need to tell him now. 

For example… I’m not normally an emotional eater. When I am dealing with my family, specifically one person in particular, I tend to eat junk food. Not over eat it, I just eat it. I’m allowed sweets but only with Sir’s permission, and he usually watches my portion size. This week I have been dealing with that specific family member and I have been eating very poorly. I however did not tell Sir about it until today. He is very disappointed in me. Disappointed that I didn’t talk to him about it before, and that I have eaten so much junk food without his permission. Of course I have to deal with the consequences. One to be determined, and the other is extra exercise. 

What I am learning is that in the type of relationship and dynamic that not bein completely honest with Sir at all times is just as bad as lying. Not telling him about the junk food earlier this week, or how I tend to deal with that person, or not exercising, anything I keep to myself. It’s lying by omission. It holds us back. In order to be closer, move forward, and take our relationship deeper and further I have to let go, be honest, and trust Sir. 


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