Destructive Person, A Hard Decision…

Sometimes in life we have to deal with difficult and times and difficult decisions. Sometimes those decisions… well can be life changing. Everyone has people in their life that cause issues, and a lot of time you deal with it or toss them and move on. What if one of those people happens to be a family member, or members. What if it’s your mother. What then? Do you continue to deal with the verbal and emotional abusive tear down you have your whole life? 

This so far has been the year for nasty messages, letters, and emails to suddenly appear in my sight. I was upset at the first email I received several months back that ended a long friendship, making me question if our friendship was ever really a friendship at all. It was very clear in the end that they knew nothing about me what-so-ever. So to elevate some of the stress and negativity in my life I deemed her nasty email wasn’t worth a response. 

Now I have been thrown another nasty curve ball. This time by a close personal family member. This though is slightly tougher. I have been dealing with this all my life… with several others who can attest to it. Commenting on the ins and outs of my life like they know everything I do. Having no place to do so since they go off galivanting around the state or country. Assuming that one side of a “story” is the only side. They can’t seem to keep their mouth shut… and think that their opinion is the only one. No matter what I do in my life it is never good enough. No matter how hard I work. In their eyes I am always not good enough, a liar, selfish, freeloader, and many other things including cold hearted. 

So where do I go from here? What choice do I have but to cut them off or completely distance myself from them? Continue cutting out the negativity from my life… Sir and I’s life. The harder we work towards the life we want to lead, and where we want to live the more these negative destructive people pop up… This one in particular, just more so. I’m left with a hard choice, a major decision, and a life changing outcome.


2 thoughts on “Destructive Person, A Hard Decision…

  1. Lk, Sorry lady but in life sometimes we have choices to make and sometimes they are to be with people that are close to us. I know, but I also know that my life is mine and if my Sir and I are comfortable and happy with our lives in what we do than that is all that matters. I’ve had to tell people close to me that if you are always going to be negative towards me than don’t bother to associate by any means because if you do I’m just not going to read it but delete it or if you call me I won’t answer. Your life is yours LK and if you are happy at what you do and enjoy your life with your Sir that is what matters and counts and your true friends and family members will love you for who you are as a person and would want you to succeed in anything you do. They would help you to stay positive and shoot for your goals in life not tear you down. Surround yourself with people who care and don’t dwell or feel sore for the one’s that don’t, its their loss not yours. Hugs lady! xoxoxox Sending you positive sub vibes!
    P.S. Always here for you lady

    LT ♥♥♥♥


    1. Thanks so much LT! It can be hard… And this is something that has needed to be done for a very long time. I’m tired of it, Sir is beyond tired of it too. Anytime we try to be really happy this happens, and we are tired of it. Carrying out the decision takes time and a lot of thought. I appreciate having new friends that really do support me! They bring me up when I’m tearing myself down. It’s something to get used to because I have never had that before. Thanks for the positive vibes! 🙂
      Xoxoxo ❤

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