Writing Vs Speaking…

This is how I have been my entire life. I can explain my thoughts in details on paper, especially when I don’t think to hard about it, rather than voice them. I have a hard time explaining things. People think I talk in circles or in code, when really I make perfect sense, they just don’t understand. Then I put it on paper and it’s like everything is drawn in crayon. I feel I can express myself better through the art of writing too. Poems light and dark are from feelings I deal with every day. Journaling… Something I do on a daily basis for Sir to help him further understand me, my mind, our progression through this new journey in D/s. My book… Characters that dwell deep inside my mind come to life on the page. I never get tired of writing. It’s part of who I am. I have to write something every day. Unfortunately the art of writing is dying. People are typing, texting, calling, talking more than they hand write anything. I wish the world would write more letters. You used to be able to tell a persons emotion just by the handwriting on the page. Now with typing people read into it far to much. Communication isn’t what it used to be. 

How do you express yourself? 


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