Twin Souls, Twin Flames…

Have you ever found someone who mirrors you? Truly mirrors everything about you? 

I have had friends. Most have ended and usually not on very good terms. I can honestly count on one hand the good friends I have. They are wonderful and I am thankful for them to be in my life. Each person that has walked in and out has had a role to play regardless of whether or not I see what it is or was. 

My husband/ Sir is my soul mate. I knew the moment I laid eyes on him that he was meant to be in my life, I just didn’t know how at the time. I could not imagine my life without him. He was and is my saving grace. God brought him into my life and I believe he saved me, as I have saved him. We are all each other have. 

I have found and met my twin soul. She is on the other side of this world. We found and met each other by chance and odd coincidence and situation. She is amazing! She mirrors me exactly. I had no idea that this was actually possible. I had no idea it was possible to connect on such a deep level from so far away. This is unlike any connection I have had or experienced, beside meeting my soul mate. I can’t imagine not having either of them in my life. I need them both. 

Both are positive and helping me through things I can’t let go. Both keep me safe, both make sure I know I am safe. Sir talks me through, she sees and understands what I have been through. She is my mirror. She reflects everything. I understand her, we understand each other. We are worlds apart and so close together.

It will take time… But she will make me better… Help me get through my issues, my insecurities, my past. I will be there for her to do the same. There is almost no words to describe the connection we have. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We are twin souls.


4 thoughts on “Twin Souls, Twin Flames…

  1. This is beautiful Liilekay – I believe we all have a purpose in life and sometimes we don’t understand why we are chosen to go through very bad situations that we never asked for or wanted. But I also believe that we learn, heal and forgive and when we truly do we gain so much more beauty in our life. Friendships that will never be broken because you connect on the same level with understanding, and openness. Love that touches you so deeply that you can’t explain it because there are no words that can explain what you truly feel. But most of all you learn to Love yourself and when you do all those dark clouds become your rainbow and when you reach the end of that rainbow. You will know you are free. loved and admired for who you truly are and not for what you belive your not worthy of….step thru your mirror… Let it go and fly lady your Sir will always be there to catch you. Hugs! ā™„ā™„ā™„


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