The very feeling of being trapped in the pain of everyday life and so row captured in this simple piece which relates to Miranda's daily life being captured by Fredrick.:

I live in a world that exists only in my head.
It combats the world that is reality.
Its filled with characters that make up…me.
Men, women, children, animals, worlds.
They are trapped inside.
My heart hurts.
Some I wish were real.
I build them and they form and take shape.
Unrealistic figures dance their way through my mind everyday.
I wish I lived there.
A world full of adventure, danger, and yet always safe.
Living here, in this world, on earth, with the damaging people hurts.
Its hard, its boring.
The emotions I have created are too deep.
They don’t exist in the real world.
They appear to exist in books, maybe movies.
It doesn’t really exist.
There are to many combating factors.
It makes me sad to know
I will never feel those emotions I crave so deeply.
Or am so consumed by my past that I only believe that.


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