Can I Do It…


Change happens… it’s inevitable. The question is how you deal with the change. Not all change is good and not all is bad. Change comes as time moves forward. I used to not like change… any change. Now I welcome it! Our biggest change is leaving all family, friends, jobs, and life here in Houston to literally uproot and move to Seattle in under a year now. We are looking at this change as a chance to start fresh. How do you fully accept change and allow the future to give all it has if you still linger in the past?

Today my sister and I finished going through the rest of my parents things, after their divorce, splitting up Christmas and the odds and ends. There wasn’t as much as I though there would be and it was easy to part ways with a great deal of it. The issues are things from childhood or military days. How do you let go of the connection to the material items? If I let these things go will I be able to move on? Or will it haunt me that I let it all go?

I don’t want to live in the past and I don’t want the past to effect my future. We have sifted through all of our things and disposed of a great deal… But can I do it again? I want to have the best possible future with Sir. By holding on to more things than we need… I need… will that keep me in the past? 

A huge part of me feels that I need to let go of the past and start fresh and new in the future. I love the quote… It’s perfect timing with everything we have planned. There is so much that needs to stay in the past… I just don’t know how to keep it there.


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