Happy Anniversary, Sir…

Four years ago I married my best friend. He is the only person who has ever been able to fully understand every part of me, without turning away from my darkened past and personality. I cannot thank God enough for bringing us together. I needed him, he needed me, we make each other better. 

Early Novemeber of last year we decided to change the style of relationship we had together. Somewhere deep inside my soul I needed something deeper, darker, intense. We started a D/s-M dynamic. Now some of you may immediately disagree with our decision. You may think it’s abusive or that we are just in it for the kinky sex. I can assure you on both accounts… your wrong. 

 I cannot tell you how much Sir and I have grown together since starting this dynamic. We have always had an interesting connection and this has only deepened our devotion for each other. We have a completely open and honest relationship with each other. We speak respectfully no matter the situation. I have not given up my voice, opinion, or choices. I have left it up to my Sir to make the final decision… what he thinks and knows is best. 

Since starting this I have felt calmer. I enjoy kneeling next to him, by the bed before bedtime, and when he asks me to. We have been able to truly start working through some of my tainted past. It has been hard dealing with some of those triggers but I am thankful to have him holding me through the painful passing moments. I have been able to work more out with him doing and living this than I ever did with any type of professional. 

You have to keep in mind that any BDSM relationship, single or married, is consensual. You do not have any right to judge someone for the type of lifestyle they choose to lead. You may not agree because it isn’t for you and that’s fine, but I am also sure that you live some type of style that others would not agree with either. Each person is free to live the life they choose. That doesn’t mean it’s a one size fits all. I chose this… and I chose to have it with the only man or person in my life I trusted fully!

The sex is just the whip cream, the nuts, the cherries, and all the other toppings. It is not the reason why we chose to live this life. We chose it to have a stronger, deeper, richer, connected relationship. It has been amazing and interesting these past 5 months. I am looking forward to many more years being married and having this new lifestyle, to my soul mate, life partner, best friend, husband… my Sir. Learning more about each other and always pushing our boundaries in all aspects. 

 Happy Anniversary Sir!

All my Love! πŸ’‹


7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Sir…

  1. It’s absolutely true that one size doesn’t fit all. Relationships are exclusive and should be tailored between those two people. It’s a wonderful thing when they decide to be completely open and vulnerable to each other. No walls. Deeper connection. Being perfected. Happy Anniversary My Love.

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