Constantly a Dilemma…

At no given moment is my mind on anything else but my book. I am constantly thinking of each one of my characters and their past, present, and futures. I am in the process of writing a five book series. I am half way through the first book and sometimes I am not even sure how I got this far. It’s not hard, it comes naturally because the characters I am writing about already exist within me. 

I feel like this a lot. My thoughts and feelings get completely muddled especially when I am engrained in my writing. All of my characters come from some part of me, my personality, my likes and dislikes, my dreams. 

I believe this is why writers are so complicated. They have a million stories, worlds,and characters they are thinking about in any given moment. It makes us hard to talk to and follow our thought process. We switch subjects quickly and for those writers out there that are driven by music… we tend to zone out of reality and into our books. This is something that never goes away. 

Our minds can be tunneled at times… making it hard to keep friends. I try to find readers and or other writers as friends. These are the people that tend to stick around longer because they understand. I love being able to write. It’s my escape beside reading. I love seeing people become engrained in my story after only reading the prologue. 

A writer is a unique kind of person… and I wouldn’t change who I am because of it. 


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