A Case of the Mondays…


Totally honest… this is how I feel this morning!

It was a long weekend! I never stopped working or moving until we finally came home yesterday evening. Sir and I’s day has already started off track! We woke up entirely to late and completely missed the gym. Normally we would have been up for a couple hours already, but its 8:30 and I am just now eating breakfast. I could have slept longer and that is rare. Anyway Sir is determined to get us back on a normal schedule and routine today. I have editing that needs to get done, and I would love to get chapter 12 written. As soon as he comes home we will do our gym time (back, shoulders, abs) then get as much done in the evening as possible.

The day has just started and although I feel like snoopy… I can still attack the day head on. If it bombs well… tomorrow will be a new day!


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