Is It The Right Path…


I never regret any opportunity I have had in the past. I wish I would have handled things better or done things differently, but the past is the past and you can only take what you can from it. I have learned some interesting things, and had some unique experiences. I would not want to repeat any of the unique experiences but I don’t regret having them. I have had a boss that was great as long as they didn’t have to share me with school or anyone else. They were a little odd though… they only ate ice cream, when customers came they would hide anywhere (including under their desk), and would occasionally fall asleep while talking to you. Learned some different things, but in the end had to leave due to difference in opinion.

Another one of my bosses was very nice. Biggest issue was they were super far away and it was putting tremendous strain not only on me but on my car as well. It was a two hour drive one way with traffic. They also had absolutely no filter, so it didn’t matter what they thought or happened that day you were going to know about it whether you were a client or an employee. If you were worried about privacy it was better to keep completely to yourself. Leaving there wasn’t on the best terms, but again I learned new tricks and progressed ones I already had.

Over the past several years I have truly learned that if you don’t like the way someone runs their business, or how you are being treated then it is best to go into business for yourself. There are upsides and downsides to this. Upsides are you get to create your own hours, run your company the way you think it should be, and have the customer service you want. Downsides… it takes a while to get off the ground unless you have a lot of money for advertising. The company gets paid before you do, and a lot of times you don’t get paid at all for the first year or so, and its hard to begin building a reputation. It take hours upon hours of constant work and sacrifice to build a good company. Many people will think you can’t do it, wont be supportive, talk badly behind your back. None of that matters! You do it for yourself! Only the crazy ones can succeed in this venture.

In the end though, if this is what you want… then its completely worth it!


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