Slow Progress is STILL Progress…

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The past few years have been a constant struggle for me to get back into shape. I used to be very fit and healthy… until I moved to my first duty station. I gained a significant amount of weight due to the constant stress, drinking, and unhealthy eating habits I developed being in the middle of no where. I came home when I was discharged and began working on getting back in shape, but no matter how much exercise I did, or what food I ate nothing was changing. I was very depressed about it, putting myself in a mind set where nothing mattered. I went back to doing whatever I wanted.

I know what it’s like to constantly work hard and not see anything change! Its depressing and discouraging. I have gone through several spans of giving up. I have had my fair share of fad and crash diets. We recently found out that I had a dying gallbladder which had to be removed immediately. Since then I found new motivation! Due to the lack of a gallbladder, I had to learn to eat small meals several times a day, instead of three large meals. I started losing weight… hello renewed motivation. The moment we could start working out again we did!

Unfortunately, I am rapidly hitting that discouraging rut again. Others see my progress and comment on it, but I don’t, and that makes it hard to keep going. I try not to pay attention to the scale, because I care more about the body fat percentage than what the scale actually says. I want to see big results. We have been working out for a while now and I was hoping to see better progress than I have. Personally I haven’t seen anything! You have to show me a picture side by side in-order for me to tell that there is a difference. This is what proves to me that every single effort I put towards my health is changing me. The food I eat will either make me feel great or horrible! The exercises we do on a daily basis are challenging. If we don’t go to the gym though, then I become grumpy, tired, and my body hates me.

My husband shows me pictures so I can see the changes. I don’t get sick from the food I eat anymore due to a lifestyle choice I have recently made. Going to the gym early in the morning, working hard, and starting our day off right keeps my mood elevated. These are the things that keep me motivated. Even when I don’t see the progress.




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