We Just Clicked…


There are few people we meet that fit this quote. I have had the privilege to find a few of them. My husband being one… we met, we clicked, we are best friends. I have a couple of friends that crossed my path where we just clicked, maybe not right away but after talking we did. 

Recently my husband and I met our new neighbors. They are wonderful fun people! We met and just clicked, instantly. With similar personalities & pasts, it’s nice to have someone to talk and connect to without judgement. To be open and talk freely sometimes truly is a weight off the shoulders.
We had them over for dinner last night & had a blast! We talked about all sorts of things no matter what the subject is. We bonded over pizza and Cards Agasint Humanity. What better way to get to know each other than a good old card game that pushes the limits. We are looking forward to many more fun evenings with our new friends that live upstairs. 


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