Don’t Hate MONDAY!

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Naturally you are going to hate Monday mornings… this means you have to get up early, go back to work, do your job, come home and deal with family, make dinner, go to sleep and start all over again. I know this sucks, but lets think of it a different way! Look at each Monday morning as a chance to start your week fresh. Do something this week you have been wanting to but haven’t had a chance to or been to afraid to. Think of something positive before you head off to work no matter how boring it is. WRITE it down if you need to and carry it with you, every time you get down read it. Be thankful that you have a job… there are so many out there that have been thrown into a jobless financial struggle because of the economy and the oil industry. Each day should be a chance to seize a new opportunity, make new or better choices. Be thankful that you have a wonderful life and remember that there is someone who is having a worse day than you are.

So grab your coffee, tea, or favorite morning beverage before heading off to work, and be thankful that there is a Monday! Have a happy, lovely, wonderful Monday!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Hate MONDAY!

  1. Lol, well you’re right about getting up early! My day was so long: getting up at 4 am, 2 hr drive from Gainesville back to Orlando, dealing with terrible Orlando morning traffic, school all day until 8 pm and then finally going to bed at 10 ish. I was beat!


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