Its Sunday!

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Its Sunday! Which for all of you non weekend workers means relaxing, snuggling, spending time with family and friends, maybe running errands and playing with the kids (if you have any). For all the slightly more unlucky ones who must work today… work hard, work fast, so you can get home! I’m sure there are several other things you would rather do than be at work!

As for me… I am going to finish writing this chapter in my book and wait for my wonderful husband to get home. We have a bit of food shopping we need to take care of but then snuggling, video games, and movie watching!

What are your plans for today?


2 thoughts on “Its Sunday!

  1. Well, Sunday was work for me too. Except mine involved sitting in front of the computer for about 6 hrs working on my résumé, updating my LinkedIn account and applying for a job. But I did splurge for lunch; my dad and I went to Leonardo’s and had some of the best pizza ever! And for dinner it was homemade guacamole 😋


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