Its a Marathon not a Sprint…

21 Pinnable Quotes That'll Motivate And Encourage You:

This weekend starts the incredibly busy workload and although I only have 1 wedding this weekend and one next weekend it will be insane every week and weekend there after. I would be lying if I said I was looking forward to all the work I have coming up. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job and all my clients, but when you are going non stop with almost no breaks it begins to weigh heavy on the mind and body. Within the following weeks until April 4th I will have photographed and edited 9 weddings, 2 engagement sessions, a bridal session, and 3 portrait sessions. So I am sure you get the stressful part. Our much needed vacation to Vegas will be well desired by the time it arrives!

I have to agree with this quote! I know this year will not be easy by any means! In the end though when we pack up our car, watch our pod disappear, and start heading towards Seattle I know it will have been worth every minute of stress. I just have to remember the end goal and never give up no matter how hard it gets.


2 thoughts on “Its a Marathon not a Sprint…

  1. Absolutely! You just have to remember to keep your eye on the prize. There will be days when you want to just throw up your hands and call it quits, but you have each other! Lean on one another and in one’s moment of weakness, rely upon the others’ strength. You are each other’s rock, utilize that wonderful resource! There will be days when it just doesn’t feel worth it, but remember: y’all are heading towards a better space and place. When you get there, you will see and feel the ‘why’ and forget about the ‘how’. Don’t ever give up! “Just keep swimming” 🐠


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