Slow Progress is STILL Progress…

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The past few years have been a constant struggle for me to get back into shape. I used to be very fit and healthy… until I moved to my first duty station. I gained a significant amount of weight due to the constant stress, drinking, and unhealthy eating habits I developed being in the middle of no where. I came home when I was discharged and began working on getting back in shape, but no matter how much exercise I did, or what food I ate nothing was changing. I was very depressed about it, putting myself in a mind set where nothing mattered. I went back to doing whatever I wanted.

I know what it’s like to constantly work hard and not see anything change! Its depressing and discouraging. I have gone through several spans of giving up. I have had my fair share of fad and crash diets. We recently found out that I had a dying gallbladder which had to be removed immediately. Since then I found new motivation! Due to the lack of a gallbladder, I had to learn to eat small meals several times a day, instead of three large meals. I started losing weight… hello renewed motivation. The moment we could start working out again we did!

Unfortunately, I am rapidly hitting that discouraging rut again. Others see my progress and comment on it, but I don’t, and that makes it hard to keep going. I try not to pay attention to the scale, because I care more about the body fat percentage than what the scale actually says. I want to see big results. We have been working out for a while now and I was hoping to see better progress than I have. Personally I haven’t seen anything! You have to show me a picture side by side in-order for me to tell that there is a difference. This is what proves to me that every single effort I put towards my health is changing me. The food I eat will either make me feel great or horrible! The exercises we do on a daily basis are challenging. If we don’t go to the gym though, then I become grumpy, tired, and my body hates me.

My husband shows me pictures so I can see the changes. I don’t get sick from the food I eat anymore due to a lifestyle choice I have recently made. Going to the gym early in the morning, working hard, and starting our day off right keeps my mood elevated. These are the things that keep me motivated. Even when I don’t see the progress.




Happy Sunday!

Sunday Refil:

Have a wonderful Sunday! Regardless of what you do today make it fun! I have an engagement session to shoot this evening for a wedding in April! I am looking forward to meeting them! Its a beautiful day, an amazing evening, and a perfect start to the week!

What does your Sunday look like?

We Just Clicked…


There are few people we meet that fit this quote. I have had the privilege to find a few of them. My husband being one… we met, we clicked, we are best friends. I have a couple of friends that crossed my path where we just clicked, maybe not right away but after talking we did. 

Recently my husband and I met our new neighbors. They are wonderful fun people! We met and just clicked, instantly. With similar personalities & pasts, it’s nice to have someone to talk and connect to without judgement. To be open and talk freely sometimes truly is a weight off the shoulders.
We had them over for dinner last night & had a blast! We talked about all sorts of things no matter what the subject is. We bonded over pizza and Cards Agasint Humanity. What better way to get to know each other than a good old card game that pushes the limits. We are looking forward to many more fun evenings with our new friends that live upstairs. 

Need or Want?

This is something that I constantly struggle with. What is the difference between want and need? Where is that line drawn and who decided it needed to be drawn there? 

Obviously we need to breathe, eat, and drink… But those are the basics to live. There are several things we come across that we think about so much it turns to a need clouding the reality of it being a want. How do you separate these terms. What I have started to do is talk to my husband about the item. Eventually we come to the conclusion that it’s not a necessity. If my husband can’t be reached then I pick up the item walk around the store with it and decide whether I can honestly live without it or not. Majority of the time I end up putting the item back. 

We take so many things for granted. We miss use words and change their meanings to make it seem more dramatic. We make it seem like we need all these materials that really we could live without and save money. Imagine how much you could honestly save if you took the time to draw the line between the wants and the needs.

Know when the time is right to go after something you want. If you want a better, richer, fuller life, whatever that means to you, then work hard for it. There is no such thing as get rich quick. We want a better lifestyle for ourselves and we are working hard for that life. This is a want you can go after, the rest… can come later.

Can you draw the line between a need and a want? 

She has always been there…


Today is “sister” day! Although I have to be honest… I LOVE my sister but there are days where I just want to… throw a chair at her! I do love her though! She has been my best friend since she came home from the hospital. She copied me when I was younger, attempted to do her own thing in the middle, and now she is her own person, but we are super close! 

Last year my parents divorce became final… It was hard for me because I was raised a very specific way and this went against all of it. My sister and I agreed to disagree about the divorce and just support each other. This actually brought us closer together. 

She truly has been my best consistent friend my entire life. We have always had each other. She has been there through every hard thing I have had to go through. She couldn’t solve it, but she was definitely there for me when I needed her. 

She just had her first baby! I love my niece, she is adorable, and I try to help her as much as I can when I can. I wouldn’t trade her if my life depended on it. I am thankful I have a sister like that regardless of whether or not she agrees with all my life choices. 

The Secret is out of the bag…

Sad but true:

Figuring out what you want out of your life can be hard. When you find it you know there will be struggle along the way. The decisions we make effect not only us but the people in our lives as well. With this in mind you have to learn to take the good times with the bad times. There will always be a nearly constant struggle to living out your dreams. There simply isn’t a way around that. Friends will begin to feel left out and eventually take their leave, some will do it subtly and gracefully, others will take a harsher approach. It can be hard to swallow at times. The family and the friends we have will either be supportive or not. This is something I have had to learn at the start of this year.

Telling family that you are leaving them can be nerve racking and very hard depending on how close you are to them. I thought telling our parents that we have decided to move was going to be very hard. I had built that up so much in my mind that I made myself nervous, constantly fearing the worst. Out of the four parents only one was super supportive, and they were the one that I was expecting to be the most negative. It turns out though that the most negative people have been the extended family, and we aren’t even finished telling all of them yet. The ones that have been the worst… are those with a “positive message” with a “negative context”. I have had to learn to take the negative things said and let them wash over me and wave as they pass by. Not everyone is going to agree with our choices and not everyone is going to understand why we do them. They don’t need to! It is our life and our decisions, they don’t need to understand any of them.

Friends… well friends can be just as hard as family. The difference is… there will always be more friends. Over the years I have lost my fair share of friendships, as most people have. Recently a friend of nearly ten years took their leave of me. They did it in one of the worst ways possible in my book… an email. It was the most well thought out, destructive, contradicting, ridiculous, email I believe I have ever read in my life. There was no room for a chance to discuss anything. I knew exactly what it was by the first line. Sometimes the best response… is none at all.

Over the following days I had to figure out what I was more upset about though. Was it the fact that our friendship ended? Or how it ended? The more I thought about it the more I realized it was how. I realized that I didn’t miss them. I didn’t miss talking or writing or figuring out how to see each other. I realized I had some better friends in my life and I didn’t need their subtle negativity all the time. Its amazing what you notice when you can either step back or are forced to. I could see our entire relationship and how unsatisfying it truly was. Everything that had been done with absolutely nothing in return.

After a few days I came across the above quote on Pinterest… and I realized how close to home it truly hit. As we told more friends and family, of our decision to move, the more I could see this in my life. I realized that God was helping us purge the negativity in our life. To get away from the poisonous people holding us back from our success.

Family is family… they will almost always be in your life regardless… at least mine will. Friends come and go. Each one has some part to play in our lives but then they move on and we are gifted with better ones. I have some amazing friends in my life! They have truly been with me through thick and thin and never once turned me away. I miss them greatly and wish I could see them more. I thank God for those rocks, those ball in chains, in my life. I can count on them for anything and they will be there with bells on.

for my kindred feed my soul.....❤️:

Can you see the poisonous people in your life? Do you really need them there? Or are they just holding you back from something greater?